App Project / Sketches / In Progress

For my app I wanted to do something with festivals and ride share . I came up with the name RockNRide, which is basically a ride sharing tool that helps festival goers get to or from the festival itself. Imagine your friends have to leave early or you’re not in the driving mood that’s where my app comes into play, and with someone with the same interests in music as you. The app will offer many features like a Review a ride , or search locally to find a match with your personality. The app will show how many people in a certain amount of miles specified by the user that are looking for rides or have a ride to offer. The app will also have a message board and private chat , allowing people to get to know one another . The app will have verification checks to make sure the person is who they say they are. I think a lot can be done with this app and I have really only touched on whats possible , below are my three stills mocked up on the iPhone as well as the logo by itself it features custom type done by me . Everything is still changing , this is just a small glimpse.


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