Email Newsletter

For this email newsletter I choose to use the size of an Iphone 750px X 1334Px. When doing research I noticed a good amount of email newsletters do not contain many images, just nice colors and background bars  . I went with something easy on the eyes , and used my own media icons at the bottom of the page .



Final GSM Cruicible

For this project I set out to make a brand Identity for the company Crucible. The document itself is 18 pages and includes colors that may  be used on its website or on print ,Fonts that may be used and what an  acceptable Logo and unacceptable logo  look like . This document gives exact dimensions for logo use and placements on business cards or print ads, any designer could easily replicate the exact spec’s listed in the manual. The colors used as well as text make the document cohesive and attractive , giving Crucible an identity .

Real Problems Real Solutions Final

The main concept of my design would be a barrier or “shield” to look after and protect others. Equal rights were my main topic , and I believe this would appeal to people between the ages 12-50, male or female. I wanted to make sure all were included in the design as to not be to masculine , but hit at a place that could possibly be used or worn by anyone. I added some slogan work , “a call to action” and “to protect and serve” , while I think one of them may be a bit more controversial , I liked it ! I wanted people to be able to think when you see the shield you are safe , I think my mock up’s look nice and would appeal to the target audience.I could see this being used as a safe haven at university’s or other public places.

App Project / Sketches / In Progress

For my app I wanted to do something with festivals and ride share . I came up with the name RockNRide, which is basically a ride sharing tool that helps festival goers get to or from the festival itself. Imagine your friends have to leave early or you’re not in the driving mood that’s where my app comes into play, and with someone with the same interests in music as you. The app will offer many features like a Review a ride , or search locally to find a match with your personality. The app will show how many people in a certain amount of miles specified by the user that are looking for rides or have a ride to offer. The app will also have a message board and private chat , allowing people to get to know one another . The app will have verification checks to make sure the person is who they say they are. I think a lot can be done with this app and I have really only touched on whats possible , below are my three stills mocked up on the iPhone as well as the logo by itself it features custom type done by me . Everything is still changing , this is just a small glimpse.

CTSC Final Design

These are my final design works for CTSC. The designs all feature colors from Wake Tech and I believe they were able to meet what the client was looking for, these designs are sure to stand out on campus . I wanted to explore custom type and do something unique within the design.